A Day in Rachel’s Life Features in The Yorkshire Post

25th April, 2019

The Yorkshire Post featured Rachel in their “A day in the life” business section today. It gives an insight into what she does on a day to day basis, and on this particular day when she is working from home. She is also much more of a morning person as you will find out!

Here is the article in full.

“Following a couple of meetings in Manchester and London, today I’m in Yorkshire and working from home – which makes a nice change from a hectic commute out of the region.

However, anyone will tell you that I’m really not a sit-at-your-desk kind of person. I like being in different places – or taking in a change of scenery – to do my job. That’s what I love about my role at Cranford too –  it allows me to work from anywhere, with flexibility and variety.

Being in a tech and customer experience-focused role, there’s never a dull moment! I’m always speaking to someone about the latest in digital trends, or discussing how we can continue to develop the very best tech talent. It’s my job to market Cranford so that we attract the right partners to collaborate with, andhigh-qualityy resource. I have to ensure I continue to carry out daily research, and keep on top of the latest industry events and news.

With another busy day ahead of me, I get up early and work for a few hours, before I do the school run with my youngest daughter. This is the time I really love because we get the chance to have our own little ‘download’. She tells me about what she has on that day, and what she might be worried or excited about. I am very much a morning person, so I get an awful lot done first thing!

Working in this way allows me to then start the morning with exercise, and I will do a spin or conditioning class at my local crossfit gym. I always try to stick to my fitness regime when I am at home – it really helps me to de-stress so that I can tackle my list of ongoing jobs with a clear mind.

I’m involved with a lot of developments following a really busy first quarter at Cranford. In particular, I am leading and delivering a large project – a 40-page cloud tech white paper, that will be available for download across our online and social channels. This is being launched later this year, following the UK Cloud Awards – where I am on the judging panel, along with Cranford’s MD, David Bentley.

There are also quite a few other ongoing projects across marketing, business development and office systems that are on my list too. So it’s manic, but a really great time for the company.

Today, as part of my white paper research, I’m compiling three pieces of content I’ve gathered from interviews carried out with a range of contributors across the cloud tech industry. After proofing the text, I will be sending them to the individuals for final send off, before they can be added to the document as part of the insights section.

The document covers a lot of expertise on what the future holds for the sector. It’s a huge paper in its entirety, but I’m really proud of the progress that has been made so far, and am looking forward to seeing the final product.

However, before all of that happens, today I’ve scheduled a call with our graphic and web designers, to ensure everything is on track for the overall look, and to check all of the relevant information is on the required pages.

Throughout the day, I also make time to update our social media platforms. I’m responsible for keeping them all running, and I also write a lot of content for Cranford’s blog. I’ll be drafting a piece on remote working, which covers my top tips (you might have already seen it in this very title!), and scheduling a few online posts about it.

After lunchtime, I take the opportunity to check that my train is booked for a meeting I have in London next week, and to gather all of the documents I need ahead of it. Then it’s back to getting on with my afternoon’s duties. I have a few conference calls with staff and clients to make later – one in particular is with a high-profile industry expert, for the white paper.

Throughout the afternoon, I make a point of regularly checking our social media platforms, communicating with followers, and responding to online enquiries. I’ve also scheduled in some time to organise further meetings with more white paper interviewees, as well as keep up to date with developments around the introduction of a new CRM system at Cranford.

Ticking off my list of jobs, I get to a point where I can leave, to go and pick up my youngest daughter from school and catch-up with my children on their day. Once we’ve enjoyed spending some quality family time together, I log onto my laptop to respond to any emails that have come through later, pick up on any outstanding tasks, and prepare my plan for tomorrow!”

One of the projects Rachel is working on is our Cloud Leadership white paper. If you are a tech leader and want to share some of your thoughts about the impact on business and what the future looks like, find out more here 





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