VeriSM Foundation

The fully accredited VeriSM Foundation course introduces VeriSM, gives a clear understanding of services and service management and the VeriSM model and explains how an organization can incorporate many different management practices to support the delivery of services.

22 easy to absorb lessons covering the VeriSM model, innovative technologies, progressive practices, the service organization, service culture and people and organizational structure.


Course options

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    30 Days Online Access
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    60 Days Online Access
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    VeriSM Foundation Exam

Includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes. Study duration: 14 hours.

Lessons in this course

  • Lesson 1: Organizational context & governance
  • Lesson 2: Digital transformation
  • Lesson 3: Service Culture
  • Lesson 4: Organizational structure
  • Lesson 5: Teams
  • Lesson 6: Service Provider Challenges
  • Lesson 7: Organizational change principles
  • Lesson 8: Introduction to the VeriSM model
  • Lesson 9: The VeriSM Model Part 1 Define
  • Lesson 10: The VeriSM Model Part 2 Produce
  • Lesson 11: The VeriSM Model Part 3 Provide
  • Lesson 12: The VeriSM Model Part 4 Respond

Course Options

30 and 60 day courses are available

Course Pre-requisites

This course does not require any existing knowledge VeriSM

Exam Details

40 multiple choice questions, 60 minute duration with a 65% pass mark. Exam can be taken online with a web proctor (with EXIN). Candidates must have completed the VeriSM Foundation course before requesting their exam voucher.

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