Team Cranford take part in Byte Night sleep out to help tackle youth homelessness

6th October, 2018

Friday 5th October saw the 21st Byte Night event for Action for Children and the inaugural Leeds sleep out to help raise money for the fantastic work they do in supporting vulnerable young people at risk of homelessness across the UK.

Some statistics for you about homelessness in the UK:

  • 83,000 young people a year will find themselves homeless through no fault of their own.
  • 5,000 people a day are sleeping rough with 20% of them being young people.
  •  67% of young homeless are homeless as they have no friends or family to turn too.

Arriving at Elland Road in the pouring rain with our sleeping bags and multiple layers of clothing it was fair to say our team was more then apprehensive.

The British weather was prepared to do its worst but before we were sent out onto the wet concrete we got to have a meal, a few drinks and a chat with the other businesses taking part in the sleep out.

Hosted by Leeds United in the centenary pavillion, the atmosphere, as we heard about the amazing work of the charity, was reflective and sobering but also friendly, and collaborative as fundraising auctions, quizzes and raffles. We heard from some of the vulnerable young people Action for Children support and their support workers.

This was all the calm before the storm as the time then came for us to layer up, grab our sleeping bags, foil mats and umbrellas and head outside.

We attempted to make some kind of shelter with our umbrellas and a ground sheet and with our sleeping bags up to our ears we attempted to get some sleep.

  • Sleeping outside is uncomfortable, the concrete floor makes your hips hurts.
  • Sleeping outside makes you feel on edge
  • Sleeping outside is noisy and visually disturbing with lights, traffic and people constantly interrupting your sanity.
  • Sleeping outside in the rain is very wet, however hard you try, you can’t stay dry. The water finds a way to seep into your clothes, bedding and all your belongings. It is miserable and some people have to do this every night.

Even though it was a mild night at 9c, it was apparent that once your things are wet it is hard not to be cold and then to get everything dry again is impossible.

As we gathered together our sodden sleeping bags, coats and stuff together at dawn into a heavy dripping mess we all felt very lucky that ours was just one night of sleeping out. We are delighted at the amount of money we have managed to raise so a huge thanks to everyone who has supported us. This money will really make a difference to the lives of young people.

As Angus Kinnear, Chief Executive at Leeds United said “Homelessness is not a life choice.”

You can still donate on the link below,



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