Service Integration and Management

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) experience is increasingly popular as the traditional structure of organisations is changing from single supplier to a more complicated model of multiple suppliers in an outsourced world.
Managing those complex relationships can be difficult and SIAM provides structure, governance, and clear parameters. We can ensure you find the very best SIAM consultants for your company.

What is Service Integration and Management (SIAM)?

SIAM is a framework for delivering value through the delivery of consistent governance, standards, processes, controls, and accountability. SIAM optimises both demand (from a business perspective, consuming IT services) through to supply (from multiple providers) by delivering integrated and seamless end to end services in a single business facing organisation.

As organisations grow, so too does their requirement for IT solutions – the problem is that these are often sourced from different suppliers, so the various services need to be integrated and managed effectively and efficiently.

In turn, this has led to a growing need for SIAM professionals – experienced IT Managers who know how to pull together your internal and external resources, and create a comprehensive solution that provides a smooth and reliable service for all end-users.

By putting a professional in charge of your IT Service Management, your portfolio of multi-sourced products and services will be transformed into a powerful, single-solution service that will help with every aspect of your day-to-day business life.

Our SIAM Consultancy Services

To ensure that the Governance, Control and Management Oversight is robust and effective within either a Retained or Outsourced SIAM there are certain factors that require consideration.  The Key Success factors outlined below are considerations for a SIAM deployment and need to be in place or part of the overall transformation plan for the transition to SIAM managed multi-source environment.

  • Target Operating Model - for all IT services internal and outsourced
  • Service Model – who does what between corporate IT, SIAM and the tower providers
  • Commercial Model – the right mechanisms to ensure collaboration
  • Contractual Model – the right balance between an overarching Master Services Agreement, collaboration agreements, and the individual service tower contracts
  • Technical Architecture Model – the architecture and technical standards you expect the Partner community to comply with
  • Programme Delivery Model – transition is complex and should be treated as a business transformation programme

Our consultants are an integral part of the organisation and have a grounding in their field. When it comes to your specific requirements, our  SIAM Consultants will fully understand your individual requirements and work closely with you to ensure they deliver the outcome you are looking for.

SIAM Resource Pools

Through our work with our clients we have built an enviable network of SIAM resource that stands well above our competitors. SIAM is becoming more widely used and having been engrossed in the market place since it emerged we know the best resource on the market and their availability.

We are quickly becoming the trusted agency for both SIAM candidates and clients alike and our reputation is the best around. If you are considering embarking on SIAM then don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you want us to help you find your dream role, or want some advice, we are always happy to help.

Our SIAM Resource Services

Over the last decade, we’ve developed an extensive network of senior ITSM candidates and clients, including many highly skilled SIAM professionals available on either an interim or permanent hire basis.

As the demand for SIAM resource increases, so does our reputation for being the ‘go to’ agency for SIAM resourcing needs – this is due to our high service standards, such as

  • Technical knowledge – we understand the crucial skills required for service integration and management roles, and how they apply to your business
  • Thorough approach – we’re claiming back traditional recruitment values, interviewing clients and candidates accurately to make successful matches, rather than just sending out any CV that loosely fits your needs
  • Representing your business our success relies on your satisfaction, so we take our role as your recruitment representative seriously, learning about your company values and culture – because good hire is about more than just skills
  • Honesty and integrity – we go above and beyond to provide a transparent service and positive experience, so that we can build trust and long-term partnerships

SIAM Jobs and Roles

We’ve worked extensively for outsourcing and public sector clients, filling vacancies such as CTO, Service Delivery Directors and Programme Directors.

The specialist IT resource team at Cranford Group covers a number of SIAM roles including:

  • SIAM Consultant
  • SIAM Programme Manager
  • SIAM Architect
  • SC and DV Cleared Specialists

Become a Cranford SIAM Associate

If you're a SIAM specialist and want to become an associate of Cranford Group, please register your details on our associate page. Alternatively, you can call us for an informal chat about our services on 01924 664540, or email us with a brief description of your requirements and we’ll get straight back to you.

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