ServiceNow continue to dominate and innovate – Can anyone stop the Market Leader?

9th April, 2018

In our latest blog we’ve analysed the Gartner Magic Quadrant over a 5 year span to chart the meteoric rise of ServiceNow in comparison to other cloud software as a service organisations.

What makes their particular success story even more interesting is that they are still a relatively young company, having been founded only 14 years ago compared to their closest rival BMC Software who were formed in 1980.

The quadrant shows them as clear leaders in the ability to execute their visions ahead of the likes of BMC, Axios, Ivanti, and Cherwell in 2017.

We have shown where these companies featured in 2012 as a comparison.

It illustrates that ServiceNow is the clear market leader in the Service Management space and ahead of their nearest rival BMC.

The power and growth of the ServiceNow platform certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with their continuous drive to dominate the market through their wealth of partners and innovation. The latest Kingston update has yet again showcased their ability to improve their product offering and utilise their community to listen to feedback to build what their clients need in some cases even before they realise they need it! Their emphasis on the HR functionality of an organisation is truly revolutionising workplaces globally so there is no wonder that the UK jobs market sees a strong demand for candidates with ServiceNow experience.

How this company performance translates into the jobs market is illustrated in our infographic.

We’ve used Jobserve and Indeed websites statistics to show the demand for SaaS job roles.

The permanent and contract jobs market can be a difficult place to navigate with salaries and rates showing a wide variation of remuneration so we have calculated those average figures using our knowledge of the sourcing marketplace and the data we have compiled.

This allows us to show the most complete visual overview of benchmark contract and permanent salaries and rates in the UK for ServiceNow experienced talent.

A huge 63% of the cloud software providers roles advertised as available are with Servicenow experience, the closest rival being BMC at 21%.

72% of roles are permanent and 28% offered on a contract basis which is likely to be influenced by the need for experienced people for roll out projects.

With their ambitious plans to continue to dominate the SaaS marketplace we anticipate that the need for professionals with relevant ServiceNow experience will continue to grow.

If you would like to speak to us about your sourcing needs or are looking for your next challenge you can get in touch using servicenow@cranfordgroupukcom.local or calling Alex directly on 07984 339053.

Should you wish to download a copy of the infographic for reference please click here.

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