Cranford Group Contribute Sourcing Industry Overview for VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied

22nd October, 2018


Cranford group are delighted to have contributed to the new VeriSM publication – “VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied” which has been published this month.

The 2nd book covers the “how to” of VeriSM from a global author and collaborator team of over 70 people and organisations and includes case studies from early adopters, deep dives into successful organisations digital transformation efforts, extensive detail around using the approach to add value and much more to aid being successful in the digital age.

As a specialist Cloud Architecture, IT and Service Management resource provider with our foundations firmly built around ITSM the concepts around VeriSM is very much aligned with the organisations we work with. 

Service Management tools, techniques and approaches can be used across the whole organisation in a flexible way that reflects the need to be competitively agile and fluid but also to operate within guard rails. 

In VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied we provide an extensive overview and commentary based on our own experiences of sourcing from CEO to staff and illustrate this with data analysis from a number of respected resources. Topics covered include:

The Employment Market.

Digital Strategy.

C Level Trends.

Salary Expectations across the C Suite.

Leadership and the skill sets required for successful Digital Transformation. 

What Staff Need.

The Role of the CDO and team.

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Jobs Market. 

Some of our observations include: 

“People within organisations have never had such an important role to play. Who else will be discovering and sourcing this new technology, learning how to deploy it, managing this change effectively, and having the vision and the direction to plan and align a digital strategy in the first place?”

“The dynamics have shifted in organisational hierarchy, a more Agile working structure means teams have more responsibility, workers more autonomy and greater freedom to make critical decisions. High calibre staff (T-shaped staff persona) have never been more important for organisations.” 

“The people within the business need leaders who will provide autonomy and motivate them, but they must also possess the right skills to thrive in the shifting sands of the modern organisation. Staff need to be change-resilient, understand the need to foster an agile mindset, be adaptive, self-motivating, self-managing, and have softer skills like communication, empathy and the ability to listen. They need to be analytical, a fast learner, and have user research skills which allow them to see the bigger picture and how their tasks and responsibilities affect the consumer experience.”

Against this backdrop of emerging technology and automation, a key theme running through every aspect of our own experiences of sourcing and our research was the importance of people. 

A recent report from the World Economic Forum supporting steady growth in job roles associated with technology and mathematical algorithms including processing power, big data, automation, cloud technology and the Internet of Things. Their report suggests that the advancement of these technologies and the 4th industrial revolution will have the biggest impact on traditional office and administrative roles within an organisation. 

People will be free to work on the meaningful, valuable delivery of customer focused services into an organisation in the way that VeriSM denotes every department as a service provider. 

Technology will make some aspects of our roles easier through automation and the removal of mundane monotonous tasks.  

We will be conducting more extensive research into Leadership in the Cloud in our upcoming White Paper which you can find out more about here

VeriSM Unwrapped and Professional is available now through publishers Van Haren on their website

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