Cloud Recruitment – Beware of the Buzzword!

1st April, 2018

The IT recruitment landscape provides challenges to recruiters and employers in finding the right skills they need within all the current areas of need including security, Big-data and Cloud technologies.

Firstly there is a skill shortage within these areas with supply lagging behind demand.  Employers often have unrealistic expectations in terms of what they can get for their money and how much experience candidates will have.

There are a lot of well certified and smart individuals on the market who lack the experience that employers typically want, however employers may need to look to these individuals to build their internal workforce as experienced consultants look to the contract market as offering the most interesting projects and the better earning capacity.  The contract market is well established within IT and many consultants prefer the flexibility it offers. This ‘gig economy’, according to industry analysts is still growing.

Demand for any skills also generates a lot of interest and gives rise to people with limited experience littering their CVs with the buzzword of the moment in an attempt to gain more and better experience.  However be aware that many roles currently involve the use of IT in some capacity or another providing some knowledge but not the depth often required. Hence premium rates are still needed to attract the level of technology skills needed.

It certainly isn’t getting easier to find the talent with hiring managers saying it was taking longer and longer to identify the right candidate – this takes managers back to looking at candidates with less experience that they can develop and grow – given the time.

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