Cloud adoption for businesses surge but what does this mean for the UK job market?

22nd March, 2018

Gartner the technology researchers Magic Quadrant provides key analysis to help businesses make decisions around tech. They provided a useful overview of the cloud software vendors currently striving for market share and domination globally. The latest report highlighted Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure as market leaders as well as visionaries.

Chasing up behind them but still a long way off is Google Cloud.

Oracle, Alibaba and IBM were rated for their vision but have not managed to gain anything like the market share of AWS and Microsoft yet in the cloud. Interestingly because Gartner class ServiceNow as a Paas rather than a IaaS they are not featured in the quadrant.

AWS is rated “the most mature, enterprise-ready provider, with the deepest capabilities for governing a large number of users and resources.

Microsoft Azure is pushed as an enterprise-ready platform but Gartner clients cite some issues with service levels including technical support, documentation and training.

Earning wise AWS sales revenue increased by a huge 45% in the last quarter of 2017, bringing them in an impressive $17.46bn for the year proving they are a money making machine for their parent company.

They were beaten on growth by Microsoft Azure who achieved a staggering rate of 98% for the year.

AWS are now the 5th largest software company globally behind Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Cloud Sales revenue and the Gartner Magic Quadrant are two ways of measuring the success of the main vendors in the Cloud Market but who is dominating the UK jobs market for both Permanent Hires and contract placements?

We have undertaken some analysis of how these financial performance data and ranking from the Gartner magic quadrant translates into the UK cloud sourcing marketplace and we set out and explain our findings below.

What’s the opportunity?

Taking information from advertised roles across Indeed and Jobserve from the 2nd week of March 2018 for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. 9,187 jobs were advertised in the Cloud sector stipulating experience in one of these three applications. 57% of cloud architecture roles in the UK require experience,knowledge and aptitude of AMS, in vast comparison to Google cloud at 4%. Microsoft Azure experience is requested for 38% of the total number of jobs.

Of these advertised roles 70% are on a permanent basis with 30% on contract.


Financial reward is an important factor for a candidate when looking for a new opportunity and a Cloud Architecture role commands a wide range of respectable salaries.

Broken down into financial bandings we were able to conclude

  • 95% of AWS roles have salaries between £50k and £75k, compared to 92% of Microsoft Azure, and 73% of Google cloud roles.
  • 38% of AWS jobs commanded a salary of £75k to £100k, with this figure being 26% for Azure and 25% for Google Cloud.
  • 9% of Google Cloud opportunities offer a salary over £100k, 7% of AWS jobs offer remuneration at this level and 5% of Google Cloud.

Geographical location

London and the South East is home to 79% of the advertised AWS roles which is slightly more than Azure, with Google Cloud running at a larger 85%.

The Northern cities of Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle provide a consistent 10 to 11% of the roles we analysed in the sector.

Scotland’s two main cities Edinburgh and Glasgow play host to 6% of Azure jobs and 4% of AWS roles.

The Midlands offer 5% of the total Azure roles and 3% of the AWS ones.

What next?

It is clear that with the growth across the cloud sector as more and more businesses implement a move to the cloud, roles and demand for individuals with the right experience will continue to increase. AWS are already predicted to overtake SAP in to become the 4th largest software provider worldwide as soon as 2020.

Sourcing the right people quickly will be imperative for organisations to compete in this transformative and competitive landscape.

Cranford offer a dedicated on demand resource for Cloud Architecture enabling us to place contract and permanent pre qualified, assured people with your organisation.

You can find out more on our CloudBase page.

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